5 Reasons Why You Should Play Razz Poker Now!


1. Many of the poker players who play Razz really don’t understand the game.

These players either like to be aggressive and try to steal too often, don’t know when to fold a hand, and of course, you get those players who love to chase.

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2. You need patience and you need to take your emotions out of the game.

Frankly, there is nothing more difficult for me than to leave my emotions out of poker. But if you are in the mood to be patient and emotionally under control, when someone does chase and beats you, it won’t effect your play.

3. Use the Starting Hand Point System to stay out of trouble.

Razz poker is a 7 card game. It can get expensive if you go all the way to 7th street and lose. Use the starting hand point system that takes into account the cards showing on 3rd street, compared to your position, and your starting cards. Is it perfect? No. There are no perfect systems where you follow which hands to play so you’ll always win. But in Razz poker you have more information than hold’em at the start, so you can get a better idea if you should call, fold or raise.

4. Stealing is important in Razz poker but some players just get stupid about it.

Do you have an Ace showing? It doesn’t mean you should always raise.

Do you have the 2nd lowest card showing, and only the player with the lowest up card separates you and the bring-in player? It doesn’t mean you should always raise.

Do you have one rank lower than the bring-in player and you are heads-up? No, it doesn’t always mean you must raise.

These are all good situations to try to steal some of the time. But not all of the time. Get a read on your opponents, and you’ll know who to try these steals against and who not to bully.

5. Don’t call someone just because you think they are stealing.

All this does start the chase. There is no rule that you have to defend the King high of the bring-in player. Be patient.


You should seriously consider learning how to play Razz poker. The expertise of your opponents in Razz poker is much wider than players in no limit poker tournaments. Enter Razz poker cash games slowly. In fact, you don’t ever have to play against the highest limit Razz players since the middle and lower limits are great hunting grounds.

I continue to believe Razz Poker is the easiest way to build your poker bankroll.

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